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Recent applied research, project management, and web development projects.

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Energy Maps Project
The Energy Maps Project
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Res-Intel Website
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Richard Ross is a humanities and social science researcher, web developer, and project manager based in southern California.

My backcountry skiing, climbing, hiking, biking and all-around good friend, Hiller, and I are advocates of “Light is Right.” Now we live 1000+ miles apart and no longer get the chance to spend time in the backcountry. However, when we traveled in the backcountry as lightly as possible, climbing gear was anything but light, so we often left it home, but still wanted to tackle a peak, like Crazy Peak. Being “hardmen”, we could not just take the standard hiking route, we needed to find a challenging route that did not require gear: mountain goats knew just where to go and just where to step so we would watch for and use the routes they took when and where applicable. GoatRock was the name we bestowed on those paths.

As for the Research, it references my past and present both in the backcountry, the archive, the code editor, and Slack that doing research, web development, and project management requires.

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Last Light and Cold Smoke

There is an undeniable magic in alpenglow—the final seconds of a day’s light that give mountains impossible texture and life before falling into shadow. Stephan Drake, Forrest Shearer and Johan …

A #DH Syllabus

Post Update: This is the final syllabus for a digital humanities course—Catalog # Hum 340—I taught for the School of Arts & Humanities, Claremont Graduate University, the summers of 2007, …

Digital Humanities Quotes

Any medium powerful enough to extend man’s reach is powerful enough to topple his world. To get the medium’s magic to work for one’s aims rather than against them is …

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Introduction These are good introductions to doing historical gis work, and while they are written mostly for a Canadian environmental history audience there is a good deal of information that …