In Review: Search and Zotero


Searching is a fundamental tool in any DH’ers war chest, and as with any tool or method it only becomes useful when you use it, consistently. I highly recommend that you all read through these articles and tutorials to refresh your memory on searching.

Search Links

Other Search Related Links


Next to searching and using RSS, the most valuable tool in your war chest as a researcher is a citation manager. Zotero is, in my humble opinion, the best citation manager available. You are, of course, welcome to test out any of the available citation managers; however, if you have not used a citation manager previously, I would work with Zotero for a while before trying out another. I ran you through the basics of Zotero yesterday, but I only hit the highlights, so I will cover Zotero in greater detail next week. As prep for our second session with Zotero, please experiment with Zotero this week by adding in books, documents, etc. that are directly related to your research and/or field of study. In other words, practice, practice, practice. If you need help, …

You are welcome and encouraged to check out the other screencasts that are available, but the three listed above should suffice for our next session on Zotero.