Getting Started

As per class yes­ter­day, here is your assignment(s) for the week. We will spend some time at the start of next week’s class cov­er­ing Turkel’s sug­ges­tions as well as on using Twit­ter. As always, if you have ques­tions or con­cerns, shoot me an email, send me tweet, or you can leave a com­ment on this post. I am here to help.

  1. Read the arti­cles from Turkel to help you get started think­ing about what DH is and doing DH. You are not required to pur­chase any soft­ware, etc. that he mentions.
  2. Sign up for a Google Account. We will start using some of the fea­tures avail­able with a Google Account next week.
  3. Sign up for a Twit­ter Account. Resources to help you get up and run­ning with Twitter:
  4. Down­load and install a Text Edi­tor.