WordPress Theme Basics

Word­Press is, at some level, the DH stan­dard tool for build­ing web­sites either for per­sonal use or for other web based projects. It is such because of its, gen­er­ally, user-friendly setup and because of its large and robust user base. Most web projects can be eas­ily built using Word­Press and var­i­ous plu­g­ins with­out ever touch­ing a line of code, but some­times we need/want to do so to add some fur­ther func­tion­al­ity or to sim­ply learn about cod­ing. We will begin our explo­ration of hack­ing Word­Press by exam­in­ing: Anatomy of a Word­Press Theme as well as explor­ing the doc­u­ment avail­able in the Word­Press Codex.

Word­Press Theme Basics
Word­Press Child Themes